Established 1980

Since 37 years we publish the leading Swedish independent, non-profit magazine for literature, art and debate – 10TAL. Our issues consist of original literature and art projects, essays, feature interviews, introductions and translations. In each issue there is an acclaimed debutant section where the foremost literary talents in Sweden are published for the first time. Our over 100 issues include themes such as contemporary Japanese, Kenyan, Ukrainian literature, ecology in the arts, gurlesque feminism, iconoclasm in our times of images, and much more.

Since its founding in 1997 the Stockholm International Poetry Festival has been the most important event for contemporary and visionary literature in Scandinavia.

In 2010 we began publishing books under the imprint 10TAL Bok.

Poetry consists of materialised dreams. It grants peace and proclaims revolution. It can never be imprisoned by any dogma or genre. It floats through music, art and dance. Poetry is the substance of all our work – whether it is the 10TAL magazine, the 10TAL books, or the Stockholm International Poetry Festival.

Madeleine Grive
Editor-In-Chief and Festival Director